Urban Honors

Posted on by Dean Furda

Philadelphia continues to inspire locals and visitors alike. Lonely Planet just ranked Philly at the top of US travel destinations in 2016. This follows recent accolades. In November, Philadelphia became our country’s first – and only – World Heritage City and the New York Times gave our city a travel endorsement, placing it third on a list of 52 must-visit global destinations in 2015.

A college or university’s setting will be a significant part of the community you should expect to interact with as an undergrad. One of the 4Cs, community includes the people and physical spaces on campus as well as the surrounding environment off-campus. When considering your college town, ask yourself these important questions: How do you plan to engage with local citizens and town priorities or needs? What are the ideal attributes of this larger environment? What do you need from a new place to help you grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally? Rankings, local news, and social media can help you get to know different areas. I suggest that when you visit the schools on your list, create time in your schedule to walk around the surrounding neighborhoods and downtown. Stroll through populated residential streets, get coffee nearby, and visit urban parks. Find out how this city or town supports the arts, public transit, and overall livability. Consider your personal place and potential in every college town.

For more on Philadelphia and Lonely Planet’s honor, read Philadelphia Magazine’s article here. To feel Philadelphia’s energy in person, join us in our city and on campus.

*PAGE 217
refers to the always legendary and occasionally dreaded essay which was once a mainstay of the University of Pennsylvania application. The question read as follows: “You have just finished your three hundred page autobiography. Please submit page 217.”



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